The Village Pantry

184 Second Street, Los Altos, CA 94022


Our Customers!

You're bound to find good times and good eats when you visit The Village Pantry restaurant. Just look at the smiling faces on some of our satisfied patrons!

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Children have a fantastic time at the VP

One of our cutest
customers flashes her
grin for the camera!

There's just something about the VP that bicyclists love!

Cyclists seem to love us.
Could it be our fun-loving
staff and outdoor patio?

Peggy and Fang enjoy their meals.

Peggy and Fang
enjoy the company at VP
as well as their breakfast.

One of the Village Pantry's littlest customers

Meet Sophia,
one of our favorite
little customers!

Julie Ogilvie living it up in Bob's lovely Porsche.

VP owner Julie
Ogilvie hamming it up in
Bob's lovely Porsche!

Two young gents enjoying their Village Pantry breakfast.

It looks like these two
dapper gents are enjoying
their VP breakfast!

We love the Village Pantry!

Kristina and Kiyama love
the Village Pantry!

A smiling, happy customer

Yum, my breakfast
was delicious!

A smiling, happy customer

The wait staff is great!
Just look at my smile!

A smiling, happy customer

I'm glad Mom & Dad
brought us to The
Village Pantry today.

A smiling, happy customer

They even let you
play with your napkin!

A smiling, happy customer

Woo wee!!! The
"Spicy Delicious" is

A smiling, happy customer

Where else can you get
a tan and a good meal
all at the same time?

A smiling, happy customer

The Village Pantry
is very pet-friendly!

A smiling, happy customer

Try the milkshakes.
They're thick and tasty!

A smiling, happy customer

Dining on the patio is
great. I get to
sport my shades!

A smiling, happy customer

Others may prefer
the sun,but I like
the shaded patio.

A smiling, happy customer

I'm enjoying a great
meal with my family.
What could be better?

A smiling, happy customer

Fido, are you having fun
at the Village Pantry

Our weekend dining patio

Here's an aerial view of
our weekend dining patio.

A smiling, happy (little) customer.

I'm ready for my cover
shoot for Little Miss

Some more satisfied little customers!

Trick or treat, anyone?

A smiling, happy customer

Sharing smiles with
Julie, proud owner of
the Village Pantry.
** A customer letter! **

This family is having too much fun!

This family is ready to
start their day after a
hearty breakfast.

Friends always have fun!

We're the perfect place
for friends to gather!

Some satisfied customers ready to take on the day.

Even bikers love the
fantastic food at
the Village Pantry!

Another smiling, happy customer

In fact, bikers of
all types love our
delicious and filling food!